Breeding to Preserve

Thank you for inquiring with us concerning the Fila Brasileiro. Enclosed you will find information about our goals, the type of temperament we strive to produce and some very good information about the Fila.


To begin with, let me assure you that the Fila is NOT the breed for everyone. They are a very special breed with qualities not found in many dogs today. Though many of the working breeds should naturally protect their owners and property, very few still have that ability. This is due partly to people wanting to make a quick buck, racing out, buying two registered dogs and breeding!


Preserving certain qualities and abilities in any breed comes from selective breeding of those dogs who not only conform to the physical standard but the mental and physical abilities as well. Breeding faults will only result in producing more and more faults. While no dog is without fault, you must be able to recognize the faults you have in order to breed them out.


The most important factor to consider in a Fila is the temperament. The Fila is a wonderful family member with the natural instinct to guard his home, owner or anything he deems to be his. With a dog of this size, this can be a problem for an owner who is not aware of how his Fila will react when confronted or an owner who does not know how to control his Fila when needed. It is sometimes very hard to imagine this sweet loving baby as anything else.


Dog attacks only hurt a breed (as well as resulting in legal problems) and I, for one, love this breed and want to preserve the Fila the way it is. This includes obedience training and knowing your Fila so that "accidents" don't happen. We have to strive to produce Fila with very strong temperaments. We are also very careful to place puppies with suitable owners who have been educated about the breed and who we feel can provide suitable training and control.


We have also been very successful on earning Championship titles as well as Obedience and other Working titles. Yes, all of these can be done without changing the temperament. Always remember that temperament is genetic and cannot be trained or socialized out.


I look forward to hearing from you and even if you purchase your Fila elsewhere, I hope you will enjoy him as much as we do ours.


Good Luck!

CH Eanlo’s Blackhearted Dictator  Do Zentauro TT




Written by:  Brenda Bagwell