General Information

Written by Brenda Bagwell / Eanlo Kennel


The Fila is a large, powerful and loving animal originating in Brazil. A result of dogs crossed with English Mastiffs, Bulldogs and Bloodhounds. The Fila is an excellent hunter, unsurpassed guardian and a very willing candidate for obedience as well as police work. Powerful enough to take down big game yet docile enough to play with small children in the home.


The Fila puppy is inclined to attach itself quickly to those with whom it lives and to be suspicious of people it does not know. Some are even so bold as to growl at intruders. You will not see this is in all pups. It is the exception rather than the rule.


In his home, the Fila is a very devoted member of the family, very obedient and humble with a never ending thirst to be caressed or touched by it's family members.


The feature that is most apparent in a Fila's temperament is its sharp aversion to strangers. This will become more apparent as the puppy grows. At approximately one year of age the Fila will begin to show its true temperament as it will become very open and honest about its distrust or dislike of strangers on its property or when it feels it's owner is being threatened. It is also quite normal for males to mature at a slower rate than the females. This is true of most animals.


This type of behavior will sometimes be seen in much younger dogs though is not unusual for puppies to be friendly, especially if socialized properly. If you intend to show your Fila it is very important to socialize it at an early age. 


“In the home, the Fila is a very devoted member of the family…”


Thumper and Chase.