Doís and Doníts

Written by Brenda Bagwell / Eanlo Kennel


Always: Have your Fila approach a guest or friend rather than having them approach your Fila. Basically, let your Fila "pet" the human first.


Never: Assume that someone "heard you". Even in a ring situation, never assume a judge won't approach your Fila in a fast or assertive manner. Never assume that someone heard you say "wait" or "just a minute".


Always: Be aware of everything around you when you are out with your Fila. Make sure that you see what he may deem to be a threat before he does. This will result in you being able to stop him should the need arise. Sometimes just someone running quickly toward you can be taken the wrong way by your Fila. Turn his head or go ahead and assure him that there is not a problem.


Never: Assume that your Fila is so well trained that he will not break a command if he feels the need to protect you.


Always: Learn and know how to read your dog. All dogs generally have a warning or a "tell-tail" sign that they are alert. Sometimes it's the ears, tail, body posture or even a change in the eye. If you do not understand this part, either get someone to help you or get another breed. It is extremely important to know your dog's body language.


Never: Make the mistake of thinking that a fat puppy is best for his growth. Ask any veterinarian about this. This applies to all breeds. Being overweight during the rapid growth phase of a puppies life can lead to all kinds of problems in the joints and muscles.


Always: Be prepared for lots of love, every day !